According to popular slot machine players, Aztec Gold from MegaJack was better known under its original name Pyramid. It is quite popular and was found in a gambling hall in CIS countries. Pyramid played a key role in the fact of bonus games. The common name for this slots was slot machineAztec Gold mega jack. It is played online on the internet now and is much easier to download the slot machine Pyramid.

General description

Aztec Gold is a slot game and available as an online game on the internet. Evenly they provided chances and challenges of bonus on the game. Before clicking on Start, the users are needed to select bet button and number lines.

The Aztec Gold game principal for doubling is trivial. Credit bet that can be placed is maximum of 210. The dealers with higher ranks have equal cards that are dealt again.The higher ranked dealers have cards lying face up and give a chance to win the rewards such as payout doubled.


Aztec Gold is from a very different culture and nature of this continent due to impact of the Ancient Civilization of South America. This culture includes symbols like maize cobs, tomatoes, llamas, pumas, eagles, exotic frogs, ethnic Indian masks. This has played a vital role in the profitable replacement of pyramids.The different image of birds is the scattered symbol. If the same image appears on three of the reels then winning amount is increased by several times. The pyramids’ role is to trigger a bonus rounds.

Bonus games

The slot machines Aztec Gold offers credits as well as cash rewards if you find a diamond pyramid. The cash rewards are all hidden behind each pyramid. Each participant had a symbol of magic snake behind each row of Jackpot. Aztec Gold game gives double interest while playing upto 0.6% in the account of player.


The Aztec gold machine is very easy to play and gets cash rewards easily. The participant’s information is needed for payout according to game rules in order to get rewards for their credit. It’s not difficult for the participant to choose between button and number lines.


Symbols and details of the Aztec Gold Mega Jack

The pyramid Aztec Gold mega jack slot machine has a great impact on the internet to play online slots for all users. This adventure game gives a great advantage to their modern fans while playing an online game. The slot machine can be played numbers of times in a day for free and gets rewards too.

Where to play

The Aztec Gold slot machine is available online on internet for playing.